With a variety of VisiJet material combinations available, you’re sure to find the MultiJet 3D printing material that meets the needs of your next 3D plastic project. Whether you use the ProJet MJP 3600 Series or another printer from this series, we have the MultiJet printer material combination to help get the job done fast. 

  • ProJet MJP 3600 VisiJet ProCast 3D Systems

    VisiJet M3 Procast (MJP)

    Plastique coulable en fonderie bleu foncé

  • Bâtiment VisiJet M3 Techplast

    VisiJet M3 Techplast (MJP)

    Plastique d'usage général,

  • VisiJet M3 Navy (MJP)

    VisiJet M3 Navy (MJP)

    Plastique d'usage général, bleu

  • VisiJet M3 Proplast (MJP)

    VisiJet M3 Proplast (MJP)

    Plastique d'usage général, naturel

  • VisiJet M3 Crystal MJP 3D Systems

    VisiJet M3 Crystal (MJP)

    Plastique robuste translucide

  • 3D Systems VisiJet M3 Black

    VisiJet M3 Black (MJP)

    Plastique noir à résistance et flexibilité élevées

  • 3D Systems VisiJet M3-X Helmet

    VisiJet M3-X (MJP)

    Plastique type ABS blanc