ROCK HILL, Caroline du Sud, 21 novembre 2011 – 3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) a annoncé aujourd'hui la disponibilité immédiate d'Accura® ClearVue™, un matériau d'impression durable et ultra transparent avec les propriétés du polycarbonate et de l'ABS pour les applications d'adaptation instantanée. Les pièces Accura® ClearVue™ seront exposées à l'EuroMold du 29 novembre au 2 décembre 2011 au Hall 11, Cabine F110.
Accura® ClearVue™ is ideal for design, development and manufacture of automotive headlamp assemblies, bottles and containers, clear plastic consumer goods, light pipes and LED displays where exceptional clarity is critical. Accura® ClearVue™ has also been shown to produce parts that meet the rigorous requirements of USP Class VI, further expanding the range of the company’s healthcare solutions.
“We are pleased to deliver the benefits of Accura® ClearVue™ to our customers,” said Steve Hanna, Director Global Sales and Marketing Materials, 3D Systems.
“Accura® ClearVue™ is an excellent choice for a growing number of snap-fit and medical applications that require precise, accurate, durable and transparent parts and models.”
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