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Scanner Sense de l’étude de cas Kayak
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Transform the way you work with the best-in-class Sense 2 3D Scanner. Fast, easy, portable and practical, the Sense offers full-color 3D scanning for use in your home, school and business. Sense is a handheld, short range 3D Scanner with full HD color that captures and process data in real time generating a complete polygon mesh when done speeding up the entire data acquisition process by over 70%.

Alimenté par Intel RealSense

The Sense 2 is the first USB-powered handheld scanner to use the very latest short-range scanning technology from Intel. Using HD color cameras and a highly-sensitive infrared projector, the RealSense technology allows a closer scan range and higher resolution than previous generation devices.

Engage and Communicate in 3D with Students

Teach students engineering principles and practices through engaging students in identifying and scanning mass produce parts with Sense. Engage students with Traditional and Additive manufacturing techniques and practices by converting Sense scan data into 3D printable parts using CAD.

Develop student’s verbal and written communication skills using 3D scan data from Sense. Products often showcase the available manufacturing technologies at the time of production. Challenge the student’s presentation skills through the power of observation by comparing scan data collected under different environment conditions or via products still used today to those produced in an earlier time.

Create custom experiences with Sense

Customize mass produced products using Sense to create custom components. Create better ergonomic experiences by fitting individual Sense scan data to standardized products. Or use the Sense 3D scanner to understand manufactured parts to create your own custom product lines.

Efficiently capture unique data where traditional methods cannot be used. Archive scan data to create your own custom product lines while preserving history.

Scan On The Go

Sense is a highly portable scanner, fits easily into a laptop bag, enabling users to capture data at customer sites. Designers use 3D scanning to speed up the development process by capturing data on location, or at their desk relieving any bottle necks in the development process.

Prepare scan data for downstream design processes using 3D Systems Sense’s best in class mesh editing tools. Easily transfer scan data into Geomagic Sculpt or Geomagic Wrap to modify and create design concepts ready for customer evaluation. 3D print your concepts on one of 3D Systems world class 3D printers. 

(Image de droite : B.A. Sunderlin Bellfoundry)
Numérisation de la Liberty Bell
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Rapid Web-Viewing of Sense Scan Data

“We’re in a remote location of the United States with an archive full of incredible dinosaur bones found nowhere else in the world. We thought ‘what if you could digitize the dinosaur and making it accessible to every classroom and showroom floor?’ 3D scanning give us the freedom to capture these artifacts and make them digitally available for viewing on the web much faster than traditional photogrammetry processes.” – Cary Woodruff, Dinosaur Museum, Malta Wisconsin.

The Sense’s powerful HD color camera provides rich texture maps suitable for stunning 3D web experiences or for 3D printing in full color. Use the Sense 3D scanner for rapid archiving of rare artifacts, scan museum goers using Sense’s face scanning mode, and create mashups for 3D printing souvenirs and 3D web viewing. Freely post scans directly to Sketchfab from within the Sense 3D software.

(Image de gauche : PowerUp Kayaking.)
Numérisation du projet Kayak avec Sense
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